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Product name : Aluminum filtration fiberglass mesh
Item : NX-EFG
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NX-EFG Fiberglass mesh filter for molten aluminum filtration are designed and woven for the diffusion and filtration of molten aluminum.The molten aluminum is very easy to be oxidated when touch with air.With the use of NX-EFG,the pure molten aluminum is more easy to get during primary melting, foundry casting and scrap recycling.The main type can be the one without coating or Acrylic coating(white color) or with resin coating(yellow color) and non-smoke treatment(black color).
Main Features:
-No contaminate to the molten aluminum
-Cost effective & easy installation
-Reduce turbulence & improve distribution and flow                
-Remove oxides and inclusions.
-Excellent stiffness and toughness,good impact resistance
-Well organized grid to ensure fine filtration
-As the first filtration for primary smelting
-Sand casting,gravity or low pressure die casting

Yarn type:Alkali free E-glass
SiO2 contents:58%
Weave pattern:Leno or plain
Length per roll:50/100/150/200/300m or as per request
Mesh size:0.5-2.5mm
Open area:25-65%
Working temperature:700-850 Degree C
*Mesh size:1.0x1.0mm,1.2x1.2mm,1.5x1.5mm,2.0x2.0mm,2.5x2.5mm.
*Different cut pieces sizes and shapes like cap,tubular,funnel etc. are available upon request.

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